The Journey to Here

Today is moving day.  Today, we leave the house that has sheltered us for six years, that saw us get married and bring home two handsome babies.  Babies that have grown into active, energetic boys that have known no other home.

It’s bittersweet.  Bitter because we are leaving the place that created so many amazing memories.  Sweet because it marks the culmination of a dream that began almost 18 months ago.

It started in April with a question from my father…did we want to move to the family “farmhouse”, a five acre property in the country where my grandparents had lived for my entire life?

I’d told my husband when we got married that I never wanted to live in the country.  I had lived in the “middle of nowhere” for 23 years and had no desire to return to that live.  I didn’t want to live where driving was necessary to get anywhere other than home.  I was happy in suburbia.

But after the birth of our second son, my heart started to change.  I wanted more outdoor space for our boys, where they could go outside and play in a space that was bigger than our postage stamp sized lawn.  My personal décor style was changing from contemporary and sleek to more rustic.  I had realized that even in suburbia, you still have to drive to get anywhere.

After a long discussion, our answer was a resounding YES!  In the months that followed, God taught me to be patient and trust in His will in a way I’ve never experienced before.  Our house sat on the market for more than 7 months, eliciting many compliments from potential buyers but no offers.  In frustration, we took it off the market and listed with an agent (we were originally listed with Comfree).  It generated a lot of interest, but still no offers.

Despite my efforts to trust, I worried that the house wouldn’t be sold by the time our eldest son started school; I didn’t want to deal with having him change schools soon into the school year, especially since he can be very timid in new situations.  But then, God showed his perfect provision and we had two offers.  We accepted the second offer…the one that completely covered our financial needs and gave us an ideal closing date, just one week before school starts.

Today is the start of a new chapter for the Adamache family…and we invite you to read along as we settle into our “forever” home.