Kitchen Progress Report

Probably the most common question I’ve heard since moving into the farmhouse is, “How’s the kitchen?”

A question to which I chuckle in response.  A picture tells a thousand words, so I’ll let one do the talking.


That’s what the kitchen looked like when we moved in.  Awesome.

We’ve progressed a little bit since then…half the drywall is done and the plumbing has been fixed.  Definitely moving in the right direction but not quite there yet.  Once we get to painting, flooring and tiling, I can help so things will move a little faster with more hands at work.  I’ve been told that I’m not allowed to help with cabinet assembly and I’ve decided not to argue the point.

How are we coping?  Well, we have a laundry sink, a crockpot, a microwave, an indoor grill and barbeque..all good things, but I must admit, I miss pasta.  We also have the neighbours, who end up feeding us at least once a week!

Stay tuned for another kitchen update, hopefully soon!


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