Mini Project Monday: Bright Blue Mirror

You may remember that on my previous Martha Stacey blog, I started a series called Mini Project Monday.  I want to continue with it because I love projects that don’t cost me much in either money or time investment.  It’ll also help me shake off that post-move laziness slump that I’ve fallen into since we moved out to the farmhouse.

I bought this mirror for $17 a few weeks back.  I love that it’s not a typical mirror shape and I’m thinking that it will go on our mantle…once I clear all the tools and other junk off it.


If you’re local and love vintage-y or rustic treasures, you must like Rustic Sisters on Facebook and follow their posts…so many good things at very reasonable prices~

I gave my mirror a facelift with some Rustoleum spray paint in Lagoon and it looks so pretty.  A lovely pop of colour for the fireplace mantle!



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