Home Goals 2015


Hi everyone!  It’s been ages since I blogged but with a new year comes a new resolution to get myself back into home decorating mode.  I haven’t done a whole lot with our new/old farmhouse since we moved in, a fact that I blame on the “morning” sickness that has accompanied Baby #3 and lingered longer than the typical 12 weeks (a fact that is normal for my pregnancies).

However, looking at the calendar reminds me that Baby #3 make his/her arrival in pretty much exactly five months and I have a long list of projects to finish before that happens.  I guess the title of this entry should be “Before Baby Arrives Goals”!

1.  Kitchen

Obviously, the biggest outstanding project which ABSOLUTELY MUST be finished before June is the kitchen being finished.  Hubby would say it just needs to be functional, but I’d like it to be totally finished by the beginning of May, when I start my maternity leave.  I plan to spend some time preparing meals ahead of time to put in the freezer for when those inevitable times when I don’t feel like cooking and still need to feed hubby and our two big brothers.  Crackers and cheese will only suffice for so long Winking smile

There has been some progress since I last posted about the kitchen…the drywall is finished, walls are painting and the subfloor got half installed just today!  Now all that’s left is finishing the subfloor, floor tile, cabinets, appliances, countertops, backsplash, lighting.  Piece of cake, right?


Cottage Chic Store

This is one of my inspiration pictures for the kitchen.  We don’t have that many windows but our table will be in the corner with two large windows.  I love that the chairs are painted blue with white upholstery…definitely going to copy that look!


2.  Playroom

Once the kitchen is finished, the old “kitchen” will become a playroom for our rambunctious boys.  I can’t wait to have all their toys contained into one room, one that was a door I can shut when I don’t want to look at the chaos!


           Apartment Therapy                                       Design Dazzle

I don’t have a really clear vision of what the playroom will look like when it’s all put together but I have several mini-projects that I want to incorporate.  I like the simple look of the alphabet art and my boys love using chalk so the chalkboard/corkboard border is going to go somewhere…still have to determine exactly where.


3.  Downstairs bathroom

Hubby says the current downstairs bathroom is functional and doesn’t need to be fixed.  He’s right, it is functional but I’m tired of this project being stuck in the middle of the process.  We almost have everything we need to finish it the way I want it.  We have a new vanity, sick and faucet and some floating shelves to be installed and then it’s just decorative touches from there.  I’m going to do a wallpaper accent wall and paint the trim white and then call it done.  Well, almost…I’d love to have a glassed-in shower someday but shhh…I haven’t told hubby about that plan yet!


Famous Home Blog

Our bathroom is no where near this big but this is the kind of black and white vibe I’m going for.  The tile is multi-coloured and we’re stuck with it for now so the black and white makes the tile work until we decide to replace it…which won’t be a for a very long time!

Well, those are my goals for this year, or the first half of this year!  What are some things you want to do around your home this year?


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