Mini Project Monday: Navy Lamp

Mini Project Monday is back and today, I transformed a straight-from-the-eighties table lamp into something that will fit into Baby#3’s bedroom.

I’m not really sure how the nursery got left off the list of big projects that need to be finished before Baby#3 arrives.  Maybe I thought it was so obvious that it didn’t need to included in the list?  Baby brain strikes again.

Back to the lamp…here is a lovely before picture of the 80’s lamp:

I was attracted to the shape of the lamp, not the brass and pink flowered hideousness, and for $6, I knew I could make it shine in a much better way.  A quick two coats of Rustoleum Dark Navy gloss spray paint and the lamp had a new life:


It doesn’t really look blue in the picture, but it does in person and I love how the shine of the glossy finish highlights the shape of the lamp. 

The nursery colour scheme is going to be white and navy with an accent colour of either raspberry pink or teal, depending on if Baby#3 is a girl or boy…and we get to find that out soon!


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