Mini Project Monday: Big Brother Bags

It hit me the other day:  Baby#3 will be here in 15 weeks…and we have done absolutely nothing to prepare.

By this time when I was pregnant with our first son, the nursery was done, my hospital bag was packed and I’d already started putting away freezer food for quick meals post-delivery.  Right now, all I have is a design for the nursery and a list of food I’d like to put in the freezer, both of them stored in my baby-brain afflicted mind.

So I decided I’d crank out a quick project to make myself feel better about the rapidly approaching deadline and the ever-growing to-do list.  When our second son was born, we had a small bag for the oldest, filled with fun things and treats to keep him occupied while he was visiting the hospital.  I made two more the other night with our sons’ initials.


I made a cardboard template for each letter and used a pencil eraser to dot the paint around the cardboard.  It took a little longer than I thought but cost me nothing since I had all the supplies already!  D is already excited about finding out what’s going to be in his bag…more so than he is to have another little brother!