Home Goals Progress: Kitchen Update

Hi everyone…it’s been ages since I blogged but I’m on maternity leave now and I have all this spare time on my hands that I don’t know what to do with!  (Is there a “sarcastic” font?  I feel like there should be!)

I’ve been busy for the past two and a half days, starting to get the house in order for when Boy #3 makes his entry into the world…which will be hopefully not a day sooner than my scheduled surgery date!  Having said that, the only thing I’ve done that actually related to the new baby is retrieving all the baby clothes from storage, sorting and unpacking for the laundry.  There’s quite a bit of work still to do in his room, but at least we’ve covered the basic food, clothes and shelter requirement.

Anyway, on to the kitchen, being as how that’s the title of this post.  As I wrote in my post about our home goals for 2015, I wanted the kitchen to be absolutely finished by baby’s arrival.  Hubby said it had be functional.  And looking at where we are and what still needs to be done, hubby wins this round.

We’ve come a long way, there’s no doubt about that.  As a reminder, here’s what it looked like when we moved in…


Yeah.  Awesome.

But, thanks in HUGE part to my father for all his hard work, here is what it looks like today…


Much better.  We have appliances, almost all of the lighting installed, a functional (if not beautiful) countertop and tons of cabinet storage.  Granted, we haven’t unpacked all the kitchen stuff yet, but I’m thinking we’re going to be weeding out a lot of things that we haven’t really missed since we moved.  And here I thought I’d been pretty ruthless as I purged and packed in the first place!

I love how massive the island is…it’s literally four times the size of the small kitchen cart we used as an island in our old house.  I love having the bar stools there for breakfast and after school snack times.


This part of the kitchen is my favourite so far, and the reason why we have so much cabinet space left over in the “L” part of the kitchen.  Except for baking supplies and cooking oils/spices, all of our food goes here.  I don’t even have to move my feet to put groceries away.

The next steps are finishing the lighting installation and countertops.  We’re going to attempt to DIY concrete countertops, so there will be a post upcoming about that in the future.  After that, it’s trim work and details to make it as stunning as I planned in my head!


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