Mini Project Monday: Ombre Mobile

The countdown to Boy#3’s arrival is down to single digits and the nursery is FINALLY coming together.  Other than a few small sewing projects, the room is all set up!  The “board” and batten trim is installed and painted, furniture is in place…just a few accent pillows and a changing pad still need to be finished.

More pictures of the completed nursery will come later in the week but today, I’m focusing on a mini project, since it is Monday after all!  This project cost me absolutely nothing (thanks for the embroidery hoop, Grandma!) except a little bit of time.

I used my 1.5 inch circle cutter to make a bunch of circles and made eight strands with fishing wire so the circles seem to “float”.  I tied the strands to the embroidery hoop and hung the whole contraption to the wall on a wall shelf bracket from IKEA that I found kicking around in the garage.  I realized it hangs down pretty low over the crib so once Boy#3 can pull himself up, it’ll have to get a bit of a trim!


Sorry for the bad iPhone picture…I finally got my Canon working again so better pictures will be coming!  Stay tuned for pictures of the fully completed nursery!


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