Mini Project Monday: Simple Alphabet Art

Back in January, I put the playroom on my Home Goals 2015 list as one of the three rooms I wanted to finish this year.  Actually, I was hoping to get them all done before Baby#3 arrived but that in no way happened at all.

In that Home Goals post, I showed you some cute alphabet art with different coloured letters each on their own canvas.  I knew I could replicate it for our playroom with minimal cost.  The canvases were $3 each at Dollarama, which for the larger size is a steal of a price.  I already had most of the paint; the only colour I had to buy was orange.

It was super easy to do…I used painter’s tape to mark out the straight edges of the letters and free-hand painted the curves of the B, C and D.  The paint ran a little bit under the tape but the little people who use this room to play don’t care about things like that!

Sorry about the poor lighting in the picture…this room doesn’t get great light at any time of day.

I’ve had this mini project done since…I don’t even remember but a few months anyway.  I wanted to get the wall painted before I hung them up (you can see where I’ve patched the wall with drywall putty to fill in the holes/dents).  But I’m almost out of the wall paint so I went ahead and hung them up anyway.  I’m glad to have them on the wall so the little boys around here don’t feel the need to make surfboards out of them or something!


Mini Project Monday: Speech Bubble Whiteboards

Time for another Mini Project Monday!  I finished this one more than a month ago, but finally got around to posting it today.

We used to have a little notebook that served as a guest book whenever we had company.  We have friends who like leaving funny messages but the book’s binding fell apart so we needed another place for our friends to leave their clever greetings.

I was inspired by a picture on Pinterest (you’ll read that phrase a lot on my blog) of little whiteboards made from picture frames.  They each had the shape of a speech bubble made from coloured dots.  I knew I could replicate them easily and for next to no cost.

I already had frames that I bought for $2 from Goodwill so I gave them a coat of dark grey spray paint.  I used some round dot stickers that I had left over from another project and painted them the same colour as our kitchen chairs.  I arranged the stickers into speech bubble shapes and presto…cute whiteboards for messages from friends!


Mini Project Monday: First Aid Basket

Mini Project Monday is back after a two week hiatus;  I needed a little time off to, you know…have a baby!  We had a handsome baby boy and no requests from his older brothers that he return to the hospital, so all is well!

I promised myself two full weeks of not doing projects and just recover, but I ended up breaking my own rule by a few days.  My incision needed some extra attention and dressing changes and it rapidly became clear that we have no central location for first aid supplies.  We have one big first aid kit and several little ones, plus random supplies scattered throughout the house.

I have a Pinterest pin of a white basket with a red painted first aid cross on it.  I’ve been casually searching for a nice basket whenever I browse through the local thrift stores but haven’t find one that I liked.

Value Village had a 30% off sale last week so I left hubby with the (all three!) boys to do some impromptu shopping.  I found a red basket that I liked and knew I could just reverse the colour scheme to make our own first aid basket to corral all our supplies.

I taped off a first aid cross with painter’s tape and hit it with some white spray paint.  The paint ran a little underneath the tape but I’m going to try to ignore it and hope it doesn’t drive me crazy!

IMG_4328 I went through all our supplies and weeded out everything that was expired or half used so all our first aid supplies are organized and in one place!