Mini Project Monday: Speech Bubble Whiteboards

Time for another Mini Project Monday!  I finished this one more than a month ago, but finally got around to posting it today.

We used to have a little notebook that served as a guest book whenever we had company.  We have friends who like leaving funny messages but the book’s binding fell apart so we needed another place for our friends to leave their clever greetings.

I was inspired by a picture on Pinterest (you’ll read that phrase a lot on my blog) of little whiteboards made from picture frames.  They each had the shape of a speech bubble made from coloured dots.  I knew I could replicate them easily and for next to no cost.

I already had frames that I bought for $2 from Goodwill so I gave them a coat of dark grey spray paint.  I used some round dot stickers that I had left over from another project and painted them the same colour as our kitchen chairs.  I arranged the stickers into speech bubble shapes and presto…cute whiteboards for messages from friends!



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