No-Spend July Recap

No-Spend July has come to a close and I think it was a resounding success.  I got a good number of little projects done and even a few things that I haven’t blogged about.

I tried very hard to stick to my no-spend rule, taking pains to not look at any home improvement store flyers.  I went to Value Village and deliberately stayed far, far away from the furniture and lighting sections.

I do have to confess that I did buy one thing right at the end of the month.  I bought some chalk paint to redo our kitchen table…BUT, I only bought it because after discovering that my local Walmart sells chalk paint, I have waited weeks for them to have the white paint in stock.  They finally did so I had to snap it up when it was available.

I’ve shared a number of projects, both decor and furniture.  I revamped a bookcase for our dining room, created an ottoman out of a coffee table that I picked up off the side of the road and finally finished my crate side table for our downstairs bathroom.

As I mentioned, I’ve done some things I haven’t shared here, including working on the art centre in my boys playroom and applying frosted spray paint to our downstairs bathroom window.  It looks straight into the dining room window so if you forget to lower the blind, awkward!  That problem is solved now!

I finished up a few projects for Boy#2’s bedroom, including putting my own touch on an IKEA nightstand and finishing his bedside lamp that I started before we moved in last August!

So overall, I’m proud of No-Spend July, even if I technically broke the rules at the end.  It’s definitely going to be something I try again, maybe in December when it’s tempting to overspend to dress up the house for holiday company.


Pinspirations: Displaying Photos

My photo monogram from Monday has inspired today’s Pinspirations post.  I have SO many pictures that I’ve taken that are stored on my camera or on my computer and I need to start doing something with them all!  We’ve been living at the farm for almost a year now (crazy!) and we have one piece of art on the walls in our main living spaces.

photo1Source:  Love Grows Wild

I hate fiddling with the backs of frames whenever I want to change the pictures inside, which really makes me like this easy idea for DIY photo clipboards.  I already have some clips like this, so it would be another awesome no-spend project!

photo2Source:  Life In Motion Photography

I think this photo booth strip display is a great way to fill a narrow but tall space.  I’m trying to find where I could put this in my home and I’m thinking it will go in the office upstairs.  If I wait a few years, I can make ours exactly like the picture with me and hubby, three boys and a dog.

Source:  The Hilliard Home

I have two old wood window frames in the barn that I bought ages ago and one of them will be used to make this project.  Getting a big print like this will be expensive but I’m going to try getting an engineering print from Staples first and see if I like the quality.

A lot of my projects lately have been focused on furniture and I’m looking forward to decorating the walls now!

Mini Project Monday: Photo Monogram

I love the $1.50 bins at Michaels.  Honestly, I’ve even gone into the store with the sole intention of shopping from the $1.50 bins.

Whenever I see any type of monogram product, I always dig through and find if they have any “A’s”…and if they do, it automatically goes in the shopping basket, whether I need it or not!

Today’s mini project combines my love of monograms with some leftover wedding prints.  I’d wanted to do an A monogram with a copy of our marriage license “mod-podged” on but it wasn’t going to work the way I wanted so I went with photos instead.

It was pretty simple but takes time to let the Mod Podge dry in between coats.  I applied the pictures to the chipboard monogram (making sure not to cut off anyone’s face!) and after it had dried, I cut the excess photo paper from the back side with a utility knife.

After that, it was just a matter of applying thin coats of Mod Podge until I was satisfied that the photos weren’t going to peel up at some time in the future (I quit after two coats since this is, after all, a mini project!)!


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Pinspirations: Numbered Things

I’m a little obsessed with things that come in multiples and are numbered.  I’ve already done two projects that include putting numbers on décor items:  my latest post about numbered boy buckets and the numbered bar stools for our kitchen.  This is the inspiration for today’s Pinspirations!

All three of these pins are on my list of projects to do.  The obsession runs deep, haha.


These pillows are from Pottery Barn (no longer available though).  They were priced at $100 for all four.  I KNOW I can DIY them for virtually nothing with the help of some freezer paper and fabric paint!


Source: Pinterest/Lolly Jane

I’m also a little obsessed with wooden crates, especially since I discovered that Walmart sells unfinished ones for $10.  I  bought some dark stain to refinish our small patio set and I think some of the leftover stain will go towards this project.


Source:  Pinterest/Colour Saturated Life

I recently found a discarded bedside table on the side of the road and when I saw this pin, I knew it was going to get this kind of treatment.  It is destined for Boy#1’s bedroom…I’m thinking a white frame with grey drawers and white numbers in the corner of the two drawers.  Another no-spend project!

Upcycled Menu Board

I finally put the finishing touches on my menu board today.  This has been a no-spend project since last year when I actually started it!

We had a large entertainment centre that my aunt and uncle gave to us back when we got married and when we put our old house up for sale, we replaced it with a slimmer IKEA console table.  We ended up dismantling the entertainment centre because it was so huge and extremely  heavy…it was very difficult to move into our split level house and we didn’t have the manpower available to move it out.

We took it all apart but kept most of the wood, including the wood and glass door.  I had seen an idea on, where else but Pinterest, for a “white board” that was made by painting one side of a pane of glass and using the opposite side to write on.  I wanted to use the door for a menu board that I could write on.

I took the knob off the door and filled the hole before spraying the wood white.  And then it sat in the garage for a few months until we moved because I hadn’t decided what colour the glass should be.

We moved in August and I’m honestly shocked that it survived the move and months of storage intact.  I couldn’t find it for several months and was convinced that it had been mistakenly sent to the dump but finally found it in the garage.

I gave it another quick coat of white paint since it had some scuffs.  I painted the reverse side of the glass with my accent colour, which will coordinate with my kitchen chairs.  I added vinyl letters to represent the days of the week and a piece of corkboard to the bottom panel for pinning recipes to try.


Quick tip for cutting corkboard…when you’re done cutting, use fine grit sandpaper to smooth down the edges just like you would for a piece of wood with rough edges!

The only problem I’ve encountered with this problem is that it doesn’t fit where I had been envisioning it.  It’s too small for the small wall space I had planned so I need to find a new home for it…

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Mini Project Monday: Buckets for Boys

It’s another no-spend Mini Project Monday here at Breezy Hill, which means I get to knock another half-finished project off my list!

On a whim, I bought some galvanized buckets from Dollarama a while ago…just $3 each!  I got five of them, one for each member of the family but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them.  I was inspired when I found this picture on Pinterest:

Source:  Buzzfeed/Remarkable Home

I liked the idea of spray painting the buckets different colours but this is, after all, a mini project and painting them would take much more time than I wanted to invest on this particular project.

So I went straight for the vinyl and the Cricut machine.  I cut out the numbers, names and brackets in different colours to coordinate with our “command centre” (another half-finished project that will be featured eventually!).  Both the command centre and these buckets will reside near the garage entrance inside the playroom, so I carried the colours through both.

I think (hope) they will make my life easier to restore order in this house whenever the boys’ things wander all over.  Boy 1 and 2 are already putting them to good use and voluntarily gathering up their toys…music to this mommy’s ears!

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Mini Project Monday: Chevron Corkboard

I’ve been feeling a little bad that Boy#3 has a finished, decorated room and his older brothers don’t.  At 5 and 2 years, I know that they don’t really care but I want to finish up some of the little projects I have planned for their rooms.  It won’t take long or cost much money and then I can move on to the master bedroom with a clear conscious, haha.

I bought some adorable butterfly prints a while ago at my local Goodwill, wanting them more for the frames than the butterflies.  I’m trying to decorate my boys’ rooms with decor and colours that will last them through their teenage years and I don’t think butterflies would last long!

I decided to turn them into corkboards to display his art doodles now and school/social reminders when he’s older.  I gave them a quick coat of white spray paint to freshen them up and cover a few nicks.

I had some corkboard tiles from the same trip to Goodwill and I trimmed them down to fit inside the frames before painting the chevron pattern.  I debated using painter’s tape to mark off the pattern but I knew the paint would run underneath because of the corkboard texture so I just painted it by hand.

I put the corkboard into the frame right over top of the glass…and didn’t even have to use adhesive because I had cut it a tiny bit larger so they didn’t fall out.

They bring another pop of yellow to Boy #2’s room…a few more projects, including handmade curtains and I’ll call his room done!

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Pinspirations: Menu Boards

Last week, I spent the better part of an afternoon re-reading my Martha Stacey blog and it reminded me of my weekly Pinterest features that I used to write.  Like Mini Project Monday’s, I’ve decided to resurrect them for Breezy Hill.

As part of my no-spend month, I’m trying to finish up a bunch of projects that I’ve had in limbo for a while.  One of those projects is a menu board for our kitchen…that I started to make before we even moved into the farmhouse!  I’m hoping to finish it up this week so I’ve chosen to show you some other cute menu display ideas.

 menu1Source:  Adventures of a DIY Mom

I’m a big fan of beadboard, especially now that we’ve moved to the country and my decorating style has morphed to be more rustic.  If I hadn’t already started a menu board project, one like this would look really cute in my kitchen!

menu2Source:  Rustic Wedding Chic

My wedding was in the pre-Pinterest era and I’m always seeing ideas that I would have loved to use.  This adorable menu board made from an old window is definitely one of them.


Source:  Keep Home Simple

I love this idea of printing out the menu and wrapping it around the utensils and napkins for dinner parties.  I think this might make an appearance at that murder mystery dinner party I want to throw soon!

Trio of Wall Art

No Spend July continues and this week, I’ve made some fun wall art for each of my little munchkins.  I found three pieces of MDF leftover from another project gone disastrously wrong and decided to turn them into wall art.

Each boy’s room has its own colour scheme:  grey and white with two different accent colours (light blue and aqua, light blue and yellow, aqua and navy).  They also have different patterns that are associated with their rooms (stripes, chevron and polka dots) so I wanted to integrate these into the art as well.

Boy 3 has aqua and navy with polka dots.  I sprayed his panel white and simply hand painted the dots by swirling my paint-covered finger in circles.  I like it as long as I don’t stare at it too long and obsess about the imperfect circles.


Boy 1 has aqua and light blue and stripes.  I sprayed his panel white and wrapped it in jute string before using more spray paint to add the three colours on top.  Taking the string off revealed the criss-crossing lines.


Boy 2 has light blue and yellow and chevron.  I sprayed his panel with the three colours and then used painter’s tape to make the chevron pattern.  I added two coats of white paint before pulling the tape off to reveal the pattern.


The chevron is my favourite one. I love the crisp lines and I think I’m going to make a bigger, slightly different version of it for either our family room or living room.

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Mini Project Monday: Cute Crate Side Table

Today’s Mini Project Monday took me about five minutes to complete (a little more if you count the time it took me to whitewash the crate over a year ago…I don’t!).

I have a pin on my “Projects to Try” Pinterest board that features a wooden crate secured to the wall to act as a bedside table.  I tend to like a little more storage in my bedside tables than a simple crate would offer, but I liked the idea for the bathroom to hold toilet paper, tissues, etc.

This one was really easy to do…I already had the crate that was supposed to be used as a baby shower gift but I chose something else instead.  I found the studs, pre-drilled some holes and screwed it into the wall.  It actually took me more time to find the tools than it did to finish the project.


I added a black basket for toilet paper, box of tissue and some flowers and called this project done.  Best part?  It alleviates the need for a toilet paper holder, meaning no arguments about who didn’t change the empty roll!

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