Pinspirations: Displaying Photos

My photo monogram from Monday has inspired today’s Pinspirations post.  I have SO many pictures that I’ve taken that are stored on my camera or on my computer and I need to start doing something with them all!  We’ve been living at the farm for almost a year now (crazy!) and we have one piece of art on the walls in our main living spaces.

photo1Source:  Love Grows Wild

I hate fiddling with the backs of frames whenever I want to change the pictures inside, which really makes me like this easy idea for DIY photo clipboards.  I already have some clips like this, so it would be another awesome no-spend project!

photo2Source:  Life In Motion Photography

I think this photo booth strip display is a great way to fill a narrow but tall space.  I’m trying to find where I could put this in my home and I’m thinking it will go in the office upstairs.  If I wait a few years, I can make ours exactly like the picture with me and hubby, three boys and a dog.

Source:  The Hilliard Home

I have two old wood window frames in the barn that I bought ages ago and one of them will be used to make this project.  Getting a big print like this will be expensive but I’m going to try getting an engineering print from Staples first and see if I like the quality.

A lot of my projects lately have been focused on furniture and I’m looking forward to decorating the walls now!


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