Pinspirations: A Girly Office Space

My Pinspirations post this week continues on the theme of creating a lovely home office for myself.  I’m hoping to take one or two online courses during my maternity leave so having an office where I can get away from all my boys and study on my own would be a great asset.

Since I live with four boys of varying ages, the office will likely be the only place where I can truly decorate just for me.  My hubby is pretty laid back when it comes to home décor so I try not to take advantage of that and make things too feminine.  My office/craft room will be the exception.

I’m going to use the same teal-y blue colour from the kitchen as an accent colour (because I ended up with two gallons of that paint) and I’m about 99% sure the walls will be grey.  I’m going to throw in some pops of pink too, just like this:


Source:  Afternoon Artist

It would be so easy to DIY some chevron painted pillows in this colour palette…loving it!


Source:  Craptastic Katie

This office/craft room will need to accommodate all my crafty supplies, and that includes my sewing machine and such notions.  I’m going to make a thread board like this with some stripes in (of course!) grey, teal and pink!  Perhaps an upcoming Mini Project Monday!


Source:Thistlewood Farms

I love the idea of this pegboard box.  It would be ridiculous to make one big enough to hold all my gift bags and tissue paper, because that would be huge.  But I like the idea of having some multi-occasion gift bags easily on hand and always knowing where the tape and scissors are is an awesome bonus!

Source:  Pin Home Ideas

Finally, every craft room needs a nice big desk area.  I want to build a long narrow desk along one side of the room, but also have a table like this one on castors so I can move it out of the way if needed.  It would easily accommodate two people because being crafty is always more fun with friends!


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