Pinspirations: Back to School

I’m having a hard time getting myself back into “productive” mode now that we’re back from our cottage vacation but school is rapidly approaching and I have several organizing projects that I want to finish before Boy#1 starts senior kindergarten.  My goal for next week is to get over the fact that I don’t feel old enough to have a child going “back to school” and buckle down to organize!

One project I know I need to do is a repeat of our chalkboard calendar from the old house.  I’m honestly shocked that we have lasted this long without missing any appointments!

Here are some back to school Pinspirations that have gotten my creative juices flowing!

Source:  Summit View Photos

I like the idea of these file folders for organizing different types of school paperwork.  We were so disorganized last year and I don’t know how many times I had to search for Boy#1’s newsletters to find out about hot lunches and theme days.  Of course, having our makeshift kitchen and entry way in the same space didn’t help that problem.  This year, we have a proper “command centre” and a file folder like this would work wonders for keeping the paper clutter under control!

Source:   Better Homes and Gardens

I love this idea for organizing my boy’s clothes for school for the week and was planning on making one of my own but couldn’t find a canvas clothes holder that was cheap enough that I would feel comfortable painting it with the letters.  Plus, I have my doubts that we’d actually keep up the habit of filling it every Sunday, so instead, I’m going with something much simpler.

Source:  Today’s Creative Life

I think this “note from home” printable is stickin’ CUTE!  The link has a free download so you can print your own!

I’m trying to decide if I’m happy for back to school…on one hand, I’m not ready for the end of school but after breaking up fights between Boys #1 and 2 all day, I’m looking forward to only have two kids home for a large portion of the day in September!


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