Mini Project Monday: Cute Crate Side Table

Today’s Mini Project Monday took me about five minutes to complete (a little more if you count the time it took me to whitewash the crate over a year ago…I don’t!).

I have a pin on my “Projects to Try” Pinterest board that features a wooden crate secured to the wall to act as a bedside table.  I tend to like a little more storage in my bedside tables than a simple crate would offer, but I liked the idea for the bathroom to hold toilet paper, tissues, etc.

This one was really easy to do…I already had the crate that was supposed to be used as a baby shower gift but I chose something else instead.  I found the studs, pre-drilled some holes and screwed it into the wall.  It actually took me more time to find the tools than it did to finish the project.


I added a black basket for toilet paper, box of tissue and some flowers and called this project done.  Best part?  It alleviates the need for a toilet paper holder, meaning no arguments about who didn’t change the empty roll!

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Coffee Table to Ottoman

The second project of No-Spend July is an upcycle of an old coffee table that I found on the side of the road.  I almost didn’t get it; in fact, I drove by it the first time on my way to get groceries.

I thought about it all the way to the store, rationalizing that I didn’t need it because I already had plans for coffee table projects for our living and family rooms.  It also would mean that I would subject myself to long-suffering looks from both husband and father as I crammed another piece of furniture into our already very-messy garage.

However, as you might expect, I gave in and stopped on my way back, glad to see that no   one else had snapped it up in the meantime!  This thing was HEAVY…solid wood and bigger than it looked when I first saw it.  But with some creative manoeuvring (and unloading/reloading the groceries as it started to rain), I made it fit into my SUV and that baby was mine…for free!


It started as a typical eighties coffee table.  I gave it a quick sand and sprayed it…you guessed it, white!  I ripped apart our previous family room ottoman to harvest the foam (it was showing its age and wear and tear from being abused by Boys 1 and 2) and upholstered it with some blue and grey fabric.  I bought the fabric ages ago for the banquette that will be built in our kitchen but doesn’t work with the colour that I chose for the chairs.


I love that it’s higher than our pallet ottoman (where was it when I was pregnant and puffy?) and sturdier when the boys climb on it.  It also has a strict “no food” rule that we’ve managed to enforce successfully so far!


I’ve styled the new ottoman with a little black tray, some flowers and books but I doubt it will last long; Boy 2 has already tried pulling the flowers out of the mason jar and man-handled the books.


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