Mini Project Monday: Greek Key Corkboard

I’m finding my thoughts turning towards creating a tranquil, if not girly, craft room/office so I have a relaxing place to scrapbook.  Hubby hasn’t even started to fix up the third garage that will become his “man cave” (although he has started talking about it) but I’m tired of having a chaotic office space.

Having said that, this knock-off Pottery Barn corkboard project in no way contributes towards a more organized space but I was inspired nonetheless!  It looks VERY tedious (and it was) but actually didn’t take that long to do.  It was only an hour and a half from “Here, take the baby so I can do a DIY project” to “my thumbs hurt too much to keep adjusting the pins!”

Pottery Barn sells a corkboard just like this for the low price of…$160!!!  Mine cost me virtually nothing.  I used a corkboard left behind by my grandparents when they moved and I already had the fabric and thumbtacks in my stash.  Getting a $160 corkboard for $0 is totally worth the sore thumbs from pushing the pins in!


Mini Project Monday: Photo Monogram

I love the $1.50 bins at Michaels.  Honestly, I’ve even gone into the store with the sole intention of shopping from the $1.50 bins.

Whenever I see any type of monogram product, I always dig through and find if they have any “A’s”…and if they do, it automatically goes in the shopping basket, whether I need it or not!

Today’s mini project combines my love of monograms with some leftover wedding prints.  I’d wanted to do an A monogram with a copy of our marriage license “mod-podged” on but it wasn’t going to work the way I wanted so I went with photos instead.

It was pretty simple but takes time to let the Mod Podge dry in between coats.  I applied the pictures to the chipboard monogram (making sure not to cut off anyone’s face!) and after it had dried, I cut the excess photo paper from the back side with a utility knife.

After that, it was just a matter of applying thin coats of Mod Podge until I was satisfied that the photos weren’t going to peel up at some time in the future (I quit after two coats since this is, after all, a mini project!)!


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Mini Project Monday: Buckets for Boys

It’s another no-spend Mini Project Monday here at Breezy Hill, which means I get to knock another half-finished project off my list!

On a whim, I bought some galvanized buckets from Dollarama a while ago…just $3 each!  I got five of them, one for each member of the family but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them.  I was inspired when I found this picture on Pinterest:

Source:  Buzzfeed/Remarkable Home

I liked the idea of spray painting the buckets different colours but this is, after all, a mini project and painting them would take much more time than I wanted to invest on this particular project.

So I went straight for the vinyl and the Cricut machine.  I cut out the numbers, names and brackets in different colours to coordinate with our “command centre” (another half-finished project that will be featured eventually!).  Both the command centre and these buckets will reside near the garage entrance inside the playroom, so I carried the colours through both.

I think (hope) they will make my life easier to restore order in this house whenever the boys’ things wander all over.  Boy 1 and 2 are already putting them to good use and voluntarily gathering up their toys…music to this mommy’s ears!

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Mini Project Monday: Chevron Corkboard

I’ve been feeling a little bad that Boy#3 has a finished, decorated room and his older brothers don’t.  At 5 and 2 years, I know that they don’t really care but I want to finish up some of the little projects I have planned for their rooms.  It won’t take long or cost much money and then I can move on to the master bedroom with a clear conscious, haha.

I bought some adorable butterfly prints a while ago at my local Goodwill, wanting them more for the frames than the butterflies.  I’m trying to decorate my boys’ rooms with decor and colours that will last them through their teenage years and I don’t think butterflies would last long!

I decided to turn them into corkboards to display his art doodles now and school/social reminders when he’s older.  I gave them a quick coat of white spray paint to freshen them up and cover a few nicks.

I had some corkboard tiles from the same trip to Goodwill and I trimmed them down to fit inside the frames before painting the chevron pattern.  I debated using painter’s tape to mark off the pattern but I knew the paint would run underneath because of the corkboard texture so I just painted it by hand.

I put the corkboard into the frame right over top of the glass…and didn’t even have to use adhesive because I had cut it a tiny bit larger so they didn’t fall out.

They bring another pop of yellow to Boy #2’s room…a few more projects, including handmade curtains and I’ll call his room done!

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Mini Project Monday: Cute Crate Side Table

Today’s Mini Project Monday took me about five minutes to complete (a little more if you count the time it took me to whitewash the crate over a year ago…I don’t!).

I have a pin on my “Projects to Try” Pinterest board that features a wooden crate secured to the wall to act as a bedside table.  I tend to like a little more storage in my bedside tables than a simple crate would offer, but I liked the idea for the bathroom to hold toilet paper, tissues, etc.

This one was really easy to do…I already had the crate that was supposed to be used as a baby shower gift but I chose something else instead.  I found the studs, pre-drilled some holes and screwed it into the wall.  It actually took me more time to find the tools than it did to finish the project.


I added a black basket for toilet paper, box of tissue and some flowers and called this project done.  Best part?  It alleviates the need for a toilet paper holder, meaning no arguments about who didn’t change the empty roll!

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Mini Project Monday: Simple Alphabet Art

Back in January, I put the playroom on my Home Goals 2015 list as one of the three rooms I wanted to finish this year.  Actually, I was hoping to get them all done before Baby#3 arrived but that in no way happened at all.

In that Home Goals post, I showed you some cute alphabet art with different coloured letters each on their own canvas.  I knew I could replicate it for our playroom with minimal cost.  The canvases were $3 each at Dollarama, which for the larger size is a steal of a price.  I already had most of the paint; the only colour I had to buy was orange.

It was super easy to do…I used painter’s tape to mark out the straight edges of the letters and free-hand painted the curves of the B, C and D.  The paint ran a little bit under the tape but the little people who use this room to play don’t care about things like that!

Sorry about the poor lighting in the picture…this room doesn’t get great light at any time of day.

I’ve had this mini project done since…I don’t even remember but a few months anyway.  I wanted to get the wall painted before I hung them up (you can see where I’ve patched the wall with drywall putty to fill in the holes/dents).  But I’m almost out of the wall paint so I went ahead and hung them up anyway.  I’m glad to have them on the wall so the little boys around here don’t feel the need to make surfboards out of them or something!

Mini Project Monday: Speech Bubble Whiteboards

Time for another Mini Project Monday!  I finished this one more than a month ago, but finally got around to posting it today.

We used to have a little notebook that served as a guest book whenever we had company.  We have friends who like leaving funny messages but the book’s binding fell apart so we needed another place for our friends to leave their clever greetings.

I was inspired by a picture on Pinterest (you’ll read that phrase a lot on my blog) of little whiteboards made from picture frames.  They each had the shape of a speech bubble made from coloured dots.  I knew I could replicate them easily and for next to no cost.

I already had frames that I bought for $2 from Goodwill so I gave them a coat of dark grey spray paint.  I used some round dot stickers that I had left over from another project and painted them the same colour as our kitchen chairs.  I arranged the stickers into speech bubble shapes and presto…cute whiteboards for messages from friends!


Mini Project Monday: First Aid Basket

Mini Project Monday is back after a two week hiatus;  I needed a little time off to, you know…have a baby!  We had a handsome baby boy and no requests from his older brothers that he return to the hospital, so all is well!

I promised myself two full weeks of not doing projects and just recover, but I ended up breaking my own rule by a few days.  My incision needed some extra attention and dressing changes and it rapidly became clear that we have no central location for first aid supplies.  We have one big first aid kit and several little ones, plus random supplies scattered throughout the house.

I have a Pinterest pin of a white basket with a red painted first aid cross on it.  I’ve been casually searching for a nice basket whenever I browse through the local thrift stores but haven’t find one that I liked.

Value Village had a 30% off sale last week so I left hubby with the (all three!) boys to do some impromptu shopping.  I found a red basket that I liked and knew I could just reverse the colour scheme to make our own first aid basket to corral all our supplies.

I taped off a first aid cross with painter’s tape and hit it with some white spray paint.  The paint ran a little underneath the tape but I’m going to try to ignore it and hope it doesn’t drive me crazy!

IMG_4328 I went through all our supplies and weeded out everything that was expired or half used so all our first aid supplies are organized and in one place!


Mini Project Monday: Ombre Mobile

The countdown to Boy#3’s arrival is down to single digits and the nursery is FINALLY coming together.  Other than a few small sewing projects, the room is all set up!  The “board” and batten trim is installed and painted, furniture is in place…just a few accent pillows and a changing pad still need to be finished.

More pictures of the completed nursery will come later in the week but today, I’m focusing on a mini project, since it is Monday after all!  This project cost me absolutely nothing (thanks for the embroidery hoop, Grandma!) except a little bit of time.

I used my 1.5 inch circle cutter to make a bunch of circles and made eight strands with fishing wire so the circles seem to “float”.  I tied the strands to the embroidery hoop and hung the whole contraption to the wall on a wall shelf bracket from IKEA that I found kicking around in the garage.  I realized it hangs down pretty low over the crib so once Boy#3 can pull himself up, it’ll have to get a bit of a trim!


Sorry for the bad iPhone picture…I finally got my Canon working again so better pictures will be coming!  Stay tuned for pictures of the fully completed nursery!

Mini Project Monday: Numbered Bar Stools

Today’s project is the very definition of a Mini Project Monday.  It literally took less than five minutes and cost me nothing.  That includes the time it took to reapply the vinyl numbers after Boy #2 ripped them off when I wasn’t watching.


I love things that occur in multiples that are numbered and the bar stools are no exception.  A few minutes with my Cricut machine and some grey vinyl were all it took!  The real challenge will be to get Boys 1, 2, and 3 to sit in their respective chairs all the time!