Chalkboard Calendar 2.0

Hi everyone…I’ve finally finished my chalkboard calendar in our new kitchen, just in time for the start of school next week!  No more missed hot lunches or theme days for this mom!


This project ended up being much less complicated than I had planned…don’t get to say that very often!  I already had some dark grey chalkboard paint and planned to use our leftover wall paint to make homemade chalkboard paint with unsanded tile grout.  But the dark grey chalkboard paint was too dark for my liking so I was looking for a different solution when I stumbled on this:


That’s right…clear chalkboard paint that can be applied anywhere!  I’d seen this before in quart sizes at the hardware store but this was in a small bottle, just the perfect size for my chalkboard calendar.  I scooped it up, along with some light grey acrylic paint and recreated my calendar.

Instead of having to paint both colours, I just painted every other square with the new grey paint, using the original colour to fill in the rest of the calendar.  Then I applied two coats of the clear chalkboard paint, let it cure for 24 hours and I was done!

It’s much less bold than our previous version in the old house, which will take some getting used to but I think I like that it’s more subtle…it just blends in better with the rest of the kitchen.  The ultimate plan is to put a border of glass mosaic tile (same as we’ll use for our backsplash) and molding to make it stand out and define the edges from the rest of the wall.


Upcycled Menu Board

I finally put the finishing touches on my menu board today.  This has been a no-spend project since last year when I actually started it!

We had a large entertainment centre that my aunt and uncle gave to us back when we got married and when we put our old house up for sale, we replaced it with a slimmer IKEA console table.  We ended up dismantling the entertainment centre because it was so huge and extremely  heavy…it was very difficult to move into our split level house and we didn’t have the manpower available to move it out.

We took it all apart but kept most of the wood, including the wood and glass door.  I had seen an idea on, where else but Pinterest, for a “white board” that was made by painting one side of a pane of glass and using the opposite side to write on.  I wanted to use the door for a menu board that I could write on.

I took the knob off the door and filled the hole before spraying the wood white.  And then it sat in the garage for a few months until we moved because I hadn’t decided what colour the glass should be.

We moved in August and I’m honestly shocked that it survived the move and months of storage intact.  I couldn’t find it for several months and was convinced that it had been mistakenly sent to the dump but finally found it in the garage.

I gave it another quick coat of white paint since it had some scuffs.  I painted the reverse side of the glass with my accent colour, which will coordinate with my kitchen chairs.  I added vinyl letters to represent the days of the week and a piece of corkboard to the bottom panel for pinning recipes to try.


Quick tip for cutting corkboard…when you’re done cutting, use fine grit sandpaper to smooth down the edges just like you would for a piece of wood with rough edges!

The only problem I’ve encountered with this problem is that it doesn’t fit where I had been envisioning it.  It’s too small for the small wall space I had planned so I need to find a new home for it…

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Mini Project Monday: Buckets for Boys

It’s another no-spend Mini Project Monday here at Breezy Hill, which means I get to knock another half-finished project off my list!

On a whim, I bought some galvanized buckets from Dollarama a while ago…just $3 each!  I got five of them, one for each member of the family but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them.  I was inspired when I found this picture on Pinterest:

Source:  Buzzfeed/Remarkable Home

I liked the idea of spray painting the buckets different colours but this is, after all, a mini project and painting them would take much more time than I wanted to invest on this particular project.

So I went straight for the vinyl and the Cricut machine.  I cut out the numbers, names and brackets in different colours to coordinate with our “command centre” (another half-finished project that will be featured eventually!).  Both the command centre and these buckets will reside near the garage entrance inside the playroom, so I carried the colours through both.

I think (hope) they will make my life easier to restore order in this house whenever the boys’ things wander all over.  Boy 1 and 2 are already putting them to good use and voluntarily gathering up their toys…music to this mommy’s ears!

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