Trio of Wall Art

No Spend July continues and this week, I’ve made some fun wall art for each of my little munchkins.  I found three pieces of MDF leftover from another project gone disastrously wrong and decided to turn them into wall art.

Each boy’s room has its own colour scheme:  grey and white with two different accent colours (light blue and aqua, light blue and yellow, aqua and navy).  They also have different patterns that are associated with their rooms (stripes, chevron and polka dots) so I wanted to integrate these into the art as well.

Boy 3 has aqua and navy with polka dots.  I sprayed his panel white and simply hand painted the dots by swirling my paint-covered finger in circles.  I like it as long as I don’t stare at it too long and obsess about the imperfect circles.


Boy 1 has aqua and light blue and stripes.  I sprayed his panel white and wrapped it in jute string before using more spray paint to add the three colours on top.  Taking the string off revealed the criss-crossing lines.


Boy 2 has light blue and yellow and chevron.  I sprayed his panel with the three colours and then used painter’s tape to make the chevron pattern.  I added two coats of white paint before pulling the tape off to reveal the pattern.


The chevron is my favourite one. I love the crisp lines and I think I’m going to make a bigger, slightly different version of it for either our family room or living room.

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