Chalkboard Calendar 2.0

Hi everyone…I’ve finally finished my chalkboard calendar in our new kitchen, just in time for the start of school next week!  No more missed hot lunches or theme days for this mom!


This project ended up being much less complicated than I had planned…don’t get to say that very often!  I already had some dark grey chalkboard paint and planned to use our leftover wall paint to make homemade chalkboard paint with unsanded tile grout.  But the dark grey chalkboard paint was too dark for my liking so I was looking for a different solution when I stumbled on this:


That’s right…clear chalkboard paint that can be applied anywhere!  I’d seen this before in quart sizes at the hardware store but this was in a small bottle, just the perfect size for my chalkboard calendar.  I scooped it up, along with some light grey acrylic paint and recreated my calendar.

Instead of having to paint both colours, I just painted every other square with the new grey paint, using the original colour to fill in the rest of the calendar.  Then I applied two coats of the clear chalkboard paint, let it cure for 24 hours and I was done!

It’s much less bold than our previous version in the old house, which will take some getting used to but I think I like that it’s more subtle…it just blends in better with the rest of the kitchen.  The ultimate plan is to put a border of glass mosaic tile (same as we’ll use for our backsplash) and molding to make it stand out and define the edges from the rest of the wall.