Pinspirations: Numbered Things

I’m a little obsessed with things that come in multiples and are numbered.  I’ve already done two projects that include putting numbers on décor items:  my latest post about numbered boy buckets and the numbered bar stools for our kitchen.  This is the inspiration for today’s Pinspirations!

All three of these pins are on my list of projects to do.  The obsession runs deep, haha.


These pillows are from Pottery Barn (no longer available though).  They were priced at $100 for all four.  I KNOW I can DIY them for virtually nothing with the help of some freezer paper and fabric paint!


Source: Pinterest/Lolly Jane

I’m also a little obsessed with wooden crates, especially since I discovered that Walmart sells unfinished ones for $10.  I  bought some dark stain to refinish our small patio set and I think some of the leftover stain will go towards this project.


Source:  Pinterest/Colour Saturated Life

I recently found a discarded bedside table on the side of the road and when I saw this pin, I knew it was going to get this kind of treatment.  It is destined for Boy#1’s bedroom…I’m thinking a white frame with grey drawers and white numbers in the corner of the two drawers.  Another no-spend project!